Voices in Harmony is always looking for talented musicians to be a part of our award-winning ensemble. If you have the drive to join us in our mission of musical excellence, we'd love for you to audition!

1. Visit

Visit 3-4 consecutive rehearsals to get a sense of how we operate, and to gauge whether or not VIH is a good fit for you.


2. Practice

If you decide to audition, we’ll provide you with sheet music and recording of 2 songs to help you learn at home. In addition, you can do one or more practice run-throughs with our music team, before requesting your audition. You set the pace.


3. Audition

Once you request your audition, we will have you sing in a quartet for the section leader of your voice part. After the audition we will provide some coaching feedback, which is a regular part of our chorus learning process. We’ll let you know the results of the audition after a short discussion among the music team.

If your first audition doesn’t go well, fear not—we give you a few tries to succeed! If you still don’t make it, we’ll be happy to refer you to nearby choruses where you can build your skills before auditioning with us again in the future.